Sunday, May 8, 2011

Boze, Anonymous, The Secret. OMG, YES!

Both of you created a miracle.

Regarding my post several days ago, Boze informed me that Esther (Abraham) Hicks is in Wikipedia, and why. And Anonymous shared this:

"Abraham isn't an actual person, it's the name that the spiritualist and motivational speaker Esther Hicks gave to some sort of ancient spirit or deity she claims to have channeled or been guided by. There's a wiki page for Esther Hicks that lays it all out."

I'm so lucky because I simply love/live that specific ideology and, this is where it comes full circle - The Secret is one of the books I keep bedside. It contains heart filling messages in it from a myriad of world leaders that deliver, basically, the same message. The miracle - Hicks is in The Secret.

"The Secret is powerful because it's true." Sheila said and shrugged her shoulders.

Do you believe in "The Secret"?

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